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Colgate Magical Stories

I find reasons to blog and this was perfect way to craft a blog along with the help of the kids. Colgate Magical Stories simply involves space adventure based on kid's imagination. Since I don't have my own kids, I played this game with my nephew. I handed him the characters from the box and created a bedtime story.  Here is a story created by my nephew, Manav and me: After a long training process, Romit and Romila got ready to board the rocket for their first step out of Earth. Romit was very excited as this was his childhood dream and was the primary driver for his interest to get into the space agency. Both of them were greeted by their team and after the greet they boarded the rocket. The rocket was fired and they set sail to move to the nearest planet from Earth  - Mars.  This was a planned expedition to mars where they wanted to collect samples for analysis back on earth. They wanted to discover if there is any other life form or anything useful they can get ba

Book Review: And the Mountains Echoed

And the Mountains Echoed.. we can hear it loud and clear!!! After 2 successful books i had to read 3 rd book, And the Mountains Echoed by Afghan writer Khaled Hosseini. I was in love with ‘Kite Runner’ and also liked ‘Thousand Splendid Suns’. But somehow i am not in love with this book. No doubt i liked the book. It has amazing story and Mr. Hosseini has an art to keep a secret in a book which is revealed to the reader only when he/she keeps on reading. The description of the books says that it is a story of inseparable brother and sister (Abdullah and Pari) who travel to Kabul with their father, unknown to the fact and suspense that unfolds in Kabul (for that you have to read the book). The story is not just about brother and sister duo. The books talks about all the other characters and their background. Father, Mother and Uncle of Abdullah and Pari, Dr. Markos, Mr. And Mrs. Wahdati and step brother Iqbal are few to mention. This book is not like previous 2 books, here

Book Review: Notebook

Notebook.. Note for all the lovers! I was never a big fan of love story and never attempted to read one. But when I heard a lot about Nicholas Sparks and his work, I thought let me give a try to Love Story. So I picked up Notebook by Nicholas Spark and I must say its simple, sweet and sober love story. It shows 3 important phases of a person’s life. Teenage life, Adulthood & lastly Old age. It begins with the phase three, where an elderly man is reading a story to old women who doesn’t know him and doesn’t know what’s going on. But still man keeps on narrating a beautiful story of an ordinary Boy who fell in love with an ordinary Girl. Noah Calhoun meets Allie Nelson in his summer holiday and as a love story would go they fell in love. Summer is over and so the love story of Noah & Allie i.e. Allie leaves Noah and go back to home to her parents. This is end of phase one. In the second phase, Allie finds out about Noah and decides to meet him after 14 years of sep