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Confession of Confused Mind!

Red or Blue, cold or warm, laptop or computer, Apple or Sony.. We have so many options that we get confused as what to choose. We ask others, take their opinion, listen to their experience before making a buy. But case doesn't end here. Sometime after buying also we are doubting whether it is right or wrong, it will stay long or will get break. Is this just me or others are also confused? Again same thing, confuse! Why is that so? Why we always debate on our choice, why we get confused when more options are giving. Options were created because we wanted better things now those options are only confusing us. Someone might be brave one to say I am not confused but somewhere in his/her life, he/she was not sure of something. It's natural. There is nothing to be ashamed about it or hide it. We are what we are and when we can't make a choice, we should seek others help. Help is not when you ask others to make decision for you. It also doesn't mean you ask them everytime