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Book Review: Dork – The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese (TIAOREV)

So there is American version of ‘Dork Diaries’ which involve Wimpy Kid and there is Indian version of ‘Dork’ created by Sidin Vadukut. The earlier one is for kids and later is for adult. But when it comes to story and humour, I think Indian Dork is far behind the American Dork. I picked up this book from a family friend and thought, ‘After disappointing books by many Indian Author (especially those who are pass out from IIM & IIT’s) let’s give Sidin Vadukut a chance to impress. I was not aware of his status as a blog writer and neither his background. But after 2 pages into the story and I knew he must be IIM or IIT grad. I must say Indian education board needs to add an extra campus course in these colleges about ‘Book Writing’ & ‘Story Development’.  Dork TIAOREV (Too big name to write) is yet another boring story of Robin ‘Einstein’ (dunno why  in the hell he is named Einstein with no story or connection to the name or character) Varghese, an average MBA cum engineer

Book Review: Six Suspects

‘Six Suspects’ and murderer is Writer! First time in my life it happened that I left a book when I completed 90% reading it. I started reading ‘Six Suspect by Vikas Swarup’ recommended by my cousin as NEVER TO READ book. I thought let me give it try as how bad can it get. And believe me, I regret not listening to my cousin till date. This book talks about a murder at a party where police have six suspects, one of which is murderer. All six suspects have stories of their own, covered with controversies and drama. Be it tribal man who comes to city to retrieve an object or U.S citizen who comes to India to marry a pen friend. The stories are inspired by news channels and gossip column of daily newspaper. There is nothing new in this book. The Writer tried what Chetan Bhagat does with his book, make it sound 'Bollywood'ish. I am just praying that no director should think of making a movie based on this book. Maybe I am bit harsh with this book but there was nothing im