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Book Review: The Boss is not your friend

The Boss is not your friend, then who is? After slogging for one and half years I changed my job to experience peace of mind but instead I got piece of mind, that's when I picked up this book from my brothers collection. The boss is not your friend, a handbook for Indian managers to survive all things organisational by Vijay Nair. The title itself is so interesting. I thought boss will be our friend and also mentor but when you enter the true politics of corporate world you will see the real world where your boss is really not your friend. The book is interestingly written. There are many witty dialogue and explanation of the things Happen in the organisation. The best one I liked is where author says that "HR in any organisation is like dementors in Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban Book. They suck your happiness when you go near to them." The book also talks about different types of bosses, their nature and behaviour. Also it tells us how to tackle such