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Book Review: Twilight Saga

Moonlight.. Incomplete yet complete I am big fan of Twilight saga. Not just the movie but also the books. When my friend told me that Stephenie Meyer started writing one more edition to Twilight name Moonlight, I was really excited to read it before even she can complete writing it. Love story of Vampire and Human narrated by vampire. How Edward Cullen fell in love with human, how lion fell for the lamb. As technology enhance people explore different ways to satisfy their curiosity. In short someone got stolen version of Stephenie’s book and next second it was freely available on net. The leaked version spread so fast (thanks to internet), Stephenie decided to stop writing Moonlight. Poor us! Anyways I also got hang of whatever she wrote so far for Moonlight and I must say it was worth reading it. When I read Twilight book narrated by Bella, I never understood the urge or the intensity in Bella’s love for Edward. But I must say when you read the same version from Edwa