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Trek to PEB Fort...!

Sunday 19th December, 2010 was the best Sunday in my recent workaholic life. Thanks to my MBA college friends, we got a chance to do something adventurous. Instead of sitting at a coffee shop and chatting for a long time, we thought of going on a Trek. Normally for a lunch/dinner program, only 6-7 people come, but this time surprisingly 9 people agreed to come. The destination we selected for Trek was Peb Fort, located about 4 km away from Neral. So our journey begins from Dadar, where we had to catch 7.03 a.m. train for Neral. Thanks to me and also 2 of my other friends we missed that train by 5 minutes ONLY. Once in a lifetime it happens that the people, who are always late, come on time and you out of the whole world, who is always on time, get late. After missing this train we decided to go to Thane where two friends where going to join. Finally we caught the 7.59 a.m. train from Dadar, which reached Thane around 8.15 a.m. and by that time we were done with our early morning