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Book Review: The Prophet

The Prophet.. Sign towards the Spiritual Road !!! Going on with my book reading I took the thinnest book I can find in my pending list of “Books to read”, THE PROPHET By Khalil Gibran. And frankly this will be the only book which I liked after “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. The philosophy in this book is like those which you can apply in day to day life. It’s not difficult to understand life but it’s difficult to understand ourselves. I will write different review for this book. The reason for this is, 1: this book doesn’t have any story but more like one person sharing his views on different aspect of life. 2: I want to share the knowledge of this book thru the small note on each part of life by the author. 3: I am bored of writing in my own language. Just kidding! So it starts with the arrival of the Ship. After years of waiting, the time has come to move on & live yet another life. Is there pain to leave the place or is it joy of the ship coming? Whatever