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Book Review: The Present

The Present.. Everyone should get such presents! The Present by Spencer Johnson M.D. is light reading book. Those who cant read big books; this book is apt choice for them. This is short & positive book in the simplest language possible. The book speaks of young boy who meets old man who told him about the present. It’s a gift which Young boy will discover with time. The gift will give him success and happiness in life. As and when young boy becomes man, he search for the present but couldn’t find it. When he ask old man about the present, old man answers “Only you have the power to find The Present for yourself”. The young man discovers that the present is being in present time, being in the moment right now. What happened or what will happen next should not affect what you are doing right now. This way boy concentrated on one task at a time and enjoyed doing it. He was motivated and both his work & personal life improved. The concept in this book is true bu