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Book Review: A girl like me

A girl like me, needs interesting story to read!!! When my colleague got bunch of books to read, I was really excited to see so many options. I selected the one which was very girly for a change and I ended up reading 'A girl like me by Swati Kaushal'. From beginning only I have perception that Indian authors are not good in creating unique stories and this book proved me wrong. Indian authors not just lack uniqueness in the story but also lack making normal story interesting. So what will be story of this book? A girl like me, is like any ordinary girl who is sad because she shifted from her home in US to India when her father passes away. She ended up living with her mom in Delhi. So what this girl does? Nothing just try and drag on life, since it's sad and miserable and unfair and so on. The pain of new friend, old friend, workaholic mom, and lost passion for sport leads to monotonous life. Also there is childhood love which never got any direction till the end. F