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Book Review: Hunger Games Series

Hunger Games.. Hungry for more! Hunger Games.. sounds familiar, isn't it!. That's because it is the biggest block buster in cinema halls now a days. I came across hunger games movie first as I am Hollywood movie addict. I never realize that it is based on book by Suzanne Collins named ‘The Hunger Games’. After watching the movie and also trailer of second installment of Hunger Games, my hunger for reading this book increased. So I caught hold of all 3 books and started reading. This book broke my record of reading books fastest. Last it was held by Harry Potter. I completed all 3 series and watched second installation of the movie before I write this blog. Beware people, this can be the spoiler for you! Hunger Games: The story is about a country called Panem, post destruction of North America. The main city is called ‘Capital’ ruled by President Snow and it is surrounded by 13 districts. Each district plays a role to provide various requirements to the capital.