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Force of Yoda and Star Wars

Last weekend I spent my time watching the Star Wars series. Star Wars is one of the greatest movies of all time. One should watch it, not just for the marvel of cinematography and effects, but also for the character like Yoda and learning of a Jedi. Jedi is like a soldier who brings balance in the Republic, they are the peacemaker. In other words, Jedi is like Auror from Harry Potter, warriors, FBI or Ninjas. They are trained to understand the force and save the Republic from the Dark Force. What excites me more is the learning from the movie about The Dark Side, Force around us and our emotions like Anger, fear and pain. The character which amazes me is that of Yoda , he is one of the greatest Jedi of all time, his words and his understanding of Force is very true even in today’s world. The movie talk about Force, it is defined as energy which comes from everything around you - people, tree, flowers, water or even air. It is defined as “It surrounds us and penetra

Chain of Thoughts !!!

- There will be many wrong turn in life, but that doesn't mean we stop driving. - Black hole does not suck your universe; it just takes you to another universe. - Make it or break it.. Make your identity or break other people's perception - Road to success is unknown but what is known to us is the mode thru which we will reach our destination. - Other people's success should not be our jealous point. Our jealously has to be with our past best performance. - Pain or wound is not the reminder of mistakes; they are indeed the reminder of the lesson learnt. - It ends here but it begins there.. It stops here but it moves there. Because life never stops, nor should you. - Life is like train.. Sometime fast, sometime it’s slow. Many times it’s crowded or totally empty. If you are in wrong one, just get down & catch another train. In the end all we need to do is catch the right train.   - Every laugh doesn't mean you are happy. And every cry doesn't mean you are