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Book Review: The Broker

John Grisham wrote one of the finest novel and I have loved his work. Hence, I picked up another edition of his thriller - 'The Broker'. Based on the review, it sounded very good and secretive, but honestly, I didn't find it that good compare to his earlier books like A Time To Kill, Runaway Jury to name a few. The story starts with a bang, it instantly grips the reader with many questions. But as the story develops it reaches a stagnant stage where the reader (at least me) felt bored and lost interest. The only thing kept me reading was the big secret. Obviously I won't reveal here what it is. For that, please read 'The Broker' :D   Broker talks about Joel Backman is "the Broker" who is one of the big broker-lobbyist in Washington DC, USA. He is well connected with  influential people within the government and made big money in a very short span time. Due to fall in some deal, he was convicted and pledge guilty leading to life sentence. Due to poli

What is Right or Wrong?

What's right? What's wrong? How do you know that the wrong is right and right is wrong? Right and wrong might be explained in dictionary in simple terms but in real life, it takes us ages to know what is right and what is wrong. What you think is right but for me that can be wrong. ‘Nature & Nurture’ is what separate us in our thoughts. However, our definition of right & wrong is beyond this. It is formed, molded, developed and changed by everything small or big thing happening in our life. Tiniest part of our daily life affects our definition. Hence, what I think right today can also be wrong tomorrow.  Now question comes, if it's so uncertain and fluctuating, does it this definition matter to anybody? Or even to us? Simple answer is yes, it does! If we don't differentiate between rights or wrongs we will keep on doing what's in our mind. The necessity of creation of gods, idols, rules, regulations is so that we, human being, does not run around l

GAP - Generation And Perception

As I am reaching my mid 20’s, I am experiencing a phase where I am in between 2 generation, above 30 and below 30. There was a time where I used to say its so old fashion, it is so not my style and now I see people doing the same thing and I wonder, how can they do that? There is also time where I see bunch of ladies talking I wonder to myself, I am in wrong place. An interesting incident happen where I was in middle of 2 groups, above 30 and below 30 and discussion on both the side was like earth and space. Above 30 was talking about kids, in laws, partner whereas below 30 was talking about who is the hottest actress in Bollywood. I found myself, my place in one of the group and that was definitely below 30. Phew, Relief! What is this gap? Often said as generation gap, I say it is not just generation. It is also the perception of people towards life. For e.g. earlier smoking was mostly done by guys and now girls do more smoking then guys. The perception of only guys can smo