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Book Review: Notebook

Notebook.. Note for all the lovers! I was never a big fan of love story and never attempted to read one. But when I heard a lot about Nicholas Sparks and his work, I thought let me give a try to Love Story. So I picked up Notebook by Nicholas Spark and I must say its simple, sweet and sober love story. It shows 3 important phases of a person’s life. Teenage life, Adulthood & lastly Old age. It begins with the phase three, where an elderly man is reading a story to old women who doesn’t know him and doesn’t know what’s going on. But still man keeps on narrating a beautiful story of an ordinary Boy who fell in love with an ordinary Girl. Noah Calhoun meets Allie Nelson in his summer holiday and as a love story would go they fell in love. Summer is over and so the love story of Noah & Allie i.e. Allie leaves Noah and go back to home to her parents. This is end of phase one. In the second phase, Allie finds out about Noah and decides to meet him after 14 years of sep