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Book Review: Namesake

Namesake.. Only good for namesake Recently I started reading books again. After addiction of Harry Potter and Twilight saga picking something new was quite interesting but Namesake by Jhumpa lahiri didn't reach up to my standard.. The story start with Indian couple name Mr. and Mrs. Ganguli living their life in America. Ashoke is doing his research in university where as Ashima is housewife. The concept of arrange marriage where you get chance to see your life partner once and letting the control of your life in someone else hand was interesting. But it didn't move into new area. The Ganguli live Indian style living in America. They have 2 kids, a boy and girl. The name of boy is another story. The post office lost the letter came from India where the name of the boy is written. Due to this mishap the boy is named Gogol, his nickname for rest of his life. As Gogol grows he starts to hate his name and later he turns into Nikhil.. Till that day he was unaware