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Book Review: An Ode to Life

I am not a poem reader except when I come across something from a friend or social media. When Mr. Tajammul Kothari shared his collection of poems in a book ' An Ode to Life ', I was more than happy to read and share my experience with all. Poems might look like a simple way to convey the message, but as simple as the craft looks, it is really difficult to draft the emotions. An Ode to Life is collection of poem taking through a person's life from birth to death. It covers various emotions from being parents to ashes to also love and heartbreaks. The journey called life passes through various phases and the book talks about all those phases.  You feel connected with many of the poems in the book as every one of us have experienced that phase or seen someone going through it. The happiness of seeing your child or waiting for your loved one. The book also touches the various phase of our life which is less talked about - Death. A goodbye to life, reflecting over w

Book Review: Six Degrees Game of Blogs

So I have been part of BlogAdda website and it is a great platform for bloggers to participate in various activities and also to share their blog with other bloggers. They had run a contest where a team of 10 bloggers was created and each team was given the same set of 6 characters with their profession around which they will have to create the story and write a book.  Six Degrees Game of Blogs is a collection of 3 stories out of thousands of entries they received. Before I talk about three stories, let's take a look at 6 main characters around which story is framed:  Shekhar Dutta - Stay at home dad who does freelance writing in Mumbai and take care of his daughter Roohi. Married to Tara.  Tara Dutta - Successful media person and too busy to give time to family, especially Shekhar and her daughter, Roohi. Roohi Dutta - 6 Year old daughter of Shekhar and Tara. Cyrus Daruwala - First year Law student from Delhi. Jennifer Joseph - Photographer from So

Book Review: Maximum City

Mumbai, a city which never sleeps, a city of dreams, a city of lights and fast life. Mumbai, earlier called Bombay, has many names. This city has attracted people from all parts of India to come and change their life. But does their life improved from that of in the village or they created a different world of their own. Being born and bought up in Mumbai, never thought how the life will be for people who come from villages or other part of India. Also the two categories of people, lower and middle class, whose life has many ups and down, middle class people (like me) don't know what it is like to be in their shoes.  For me, Mumbai was a place where I grew up, many things in the city were normal to me. People who grew up in other cities, saw a different side of Mumbai and came here to chase their dreams. From 1990's till 2000, Mumbai as a city has experience best and worst, from Bomb blast to the emergence of don, from the rise of Marathi community to fight between Hindu

Book Review: Guy on the Sidewalk

'Guy on the sidewalk', as the name suggests, this book is about a guy name 'Jaywardhan' aka Jay living his life in the USA and still feels like outsider decide to take the drastic step, which many NRI talk about it but never do, of shifting back to India. The title and short description of the book sounded very interesting and I was totally inclined to read 'Guy on the sidewalk by Bharath Krishna. I somewhat felt the story as recently I shifted my base from one city to another and how you feel disconnected with the city and crave to be where your heart's desire. The story starts with Jay spending his last 2 days in the USA and finally coming closer to his most daring step of shifting to India after spending 6 years in the country. All his NRI friends are saying their final farewell, but also contradicting on Jay's decision with their own opinion of their motherland - India. As Jay sits in his flight to India, he flashes back to all those 6 years in the

Book Review: Fix Your Problems - The Tenali Raman Way

When I was teenager, we used to see this show based on Tenali Raman . Before the show started, I already knew many of his stories and seeing cartoon of same was indeed reminiscing childhood days. Now in adulthood, these memories fade away and you end up remembering stories of soap opera and comic character converts into superhero movies. Tenali Raman stories are very witty and smart, but you lose touch with the content and crux of character.  Reading book like ' Fix Your Problems - The Tenali Raman Way ' by Vishal Goyal in adulthood is not just an exercise to remember the past or cherish those movement' but also finding out solutions to our problems. In many ways, these small stories give us hint of how to find our way when we are faced difficult situation. During the period of reading endless heavy books with too much information and emphasis on how to live your life, Fix Your Problems - The Tenali Raman Way was a fresh book and reminder of how I used to love readin

Book Review: Dork – The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese (TIAOREV)

So there is American version of ‘Dork Diaries’ which involve Wimpy Kid and there is Indian version of ‘Dork’ created by Sidin Vadukut. The earlier one is for kids and later is for adult. But when it comes to story and humour, I think Indian Dork is far behind the American Dork. I picked up this book from a family friend and thought, ‘After disappointing books by many Indian Author (especially those who are pass out from IIM & IIT’s) let’s give Sidin Vadukut a chance to impress. I was not aware of his status as a blog writer and neither his background. But after 2 pages into the story and I knew he must be IIM or IIT grad. I must say Indian education board needs to add an extra campus course in these colleges about ‘Book Writing’ & ‘Story Development’.  Dork TIAOREV (Too big name to write) is yet another boring story of Robin ‘Einstein’ (dunno why  in the hell he is named Einstein with no story or connection to the name or character) Varghese, an average MBA cum engineer

Book Review: A girl like me

A girl like me, needs interesting story to read!!! When my colleague got bunch of books to read, I was really excited to see so many options. I selected the one which was very girly for a change and I ended up reading 'A girl like me by Swati Kaushal'. From beginning only I have perception that Indian authors are not good in creating unique stories and this book proved me wrong. Indian authors not just lack uniqueness in the story but also lack making normal story interesting. So what will be story of this book? A girl like me, is like any ordinary girl who is sad because she shifted from her home in US to India when her father passes away. She ended up living with her mom in Delhi. So what this girl does? Nothing just try and drag on life, since it's sad and miserable and unfair and so on. The pain of new friend, old friend, workaholic mom, and lost passion for sport leads to monotonous life. Also there is childhood love which never got any direction till the end. F

Book Review: The Boss is not your friend

The Boss is not your friend, then who is? After slogging for one and half years I changed my job to experience peace of mind but instead I got piece of mind, that's when I picked up this book from my brothers collection. The boss is not your friend, a handbook for Indian managers to survive all things organisational by Vijay Nair. The title itself is so interesting. I thought boss will be our friend and also mentor but when you enter the true politics of corporate world you will see the real world where your boss is really not your friend. The book is interestingly written. There are many witty dialogue and explanation of the things Happen in the organisation. The best one I liked is where author says that "HR in any organisation is like dementors in Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban Book. They suck your happiness when you go near to them." The book also talks about different types of bosses, their nature and behaviour. Also it tells us how to tackle such

Book Review: Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020.. Save us from such revolutions!!! After the success of love story of 2 states, Chetan Bhagat thought of taking a serious topic for his upcoming movie, i mean book and what he takes.. Corruption!! Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat is book cum movie talks about love story, Varanasi and not to forget corruption. Looks like Chetan Bhagat is in love with love story. Revolution 2020 is nothing but a Revolution 19-20 (and rest is love story). There is a boy, there is a girl and there is a friend. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy but love him as “a  friend”. So when boy goes away for study purpose girl fall in love with friend. Boy’s name is Gopal, girl’s name Aarti and friend’s name is Raghav. Set in the City of purity and culture, Varanasi, the book talks about love triangle between this 3. Gopal is average in studies whereas Aarti is not much bothered with studies. Raghav on the other hand is intelligent and that’s what triggers Gopal to continuously draw comparison

Book Review: Joker in the pack

Joker in the pack.. Or Pack full of Joker ! Well my brother heard of this book and asked me to get it for him. Since I completed my previous book, I started reading Joker in the Pack by Neeraj Pahlajani and Ritesh Sharma. Both the authors, ya! This book is written by 2 author and both are IIM graduates and speaks of middle class mentality. The story revolves around Shekhar Verma, who after getting very good score in 10th standard go ahead and do engineering from some Delhi university. After completing the engineering he realized that it was not his forte and he can do much better with MBA. So he starts preparing for CAT and manages to get call from most of the IIM’s. Finally he lands up into IIM Bangalore and from here on his journey begins. The 2 years in IIM-B are like being in the rat race. Either you get the best out of best or will be termed as rest. Shekhar Verma who wanted to be king of the world struggles to keep himself on the top float so that after completion o

Book Review: Ohh Shit! Not Again

Ohh Shit! Not Again.. I am reading this book. When you pick the book, you tend to read the zest given on the back page of the book. If that interest you then only you will read the book. But with "Ohh Shit, Not again" By Mandar Kokate, I will never go with the back page zest. The story is not only filmy but also very typical and boring. Writer tries to add fun with witty scene and vulgar jokes but it fails to create any effect on the reader. The story is around Raj and his new 4 friends name Arti, Sam, Andy and Seema. 11 days Ganpati festival is covering the whole story or rather I should say boring events. If you are Bollywood movie fan than you will find nothing new in this book. Other than Raj falling in love with Arti and Andy loves Seema, there is love triangle, extra marital affair, gambling scene, millions of rupee, murder, kisses and to top it off there is suicide too. Connecting all element is not easy but to add such scene is nothing but writers attempt to sp

Book Review: Namesake

Namesake.. Only good for namesake Recently I started reading books again. After addiction of Harry Potter and Twilight saga picking something new was quite interesting but Namesake by Jhumpa lahiri didn't reach up to my standard.. The story start with Indian couple name Mr. and Mrs. Ganguli living their life in America. Ashoke is doing his research in university where as Ashima is housewife. The concept of arrange marriage where you get chance to see your life partner once and letting the control of your life in someone else hand was interesting. But it didn't move into new area. The Ganguli live Indian style living in America. They have 2 kids, a boy and girl. The name of boy is another story. The post office lost the letter came from India where the name of the boy is written. Due to this mishap the boy is named Gogol, his nickname for rest of his life. As Gogol grows he starts to hate his name and later he turns into Nikhil.. Till that day he was unaware