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Book Review: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Being a huge Harry Potter fan and after reading all Harry Potter books more than 5 times, I was super excited to get my hands on Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. The way J K Rowling has expanded the world of wizard and Hogward's was fascinating, enchanting rather. There have been times when I take any Harry Potter book and spend nights reading it. The way Harry along with Ron and Harmione faced which was thrown in their way, was really encouraging. From fighting Voldemort and his followers to cherishing friendship and family to quirky moments of their dating life, the Harry Potter book had it all in its own little world of Hogward's. Once the seventh book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow was out, I thought it was over. Especially after reading the Epilogue, I was really craving to read more about the world without Voldemort in it. A world where Harry is a regular Dad and Ron and Harmione together. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is an answer to all those who asked

Faces of Darkness

We all have dark side; some might show it, some will hide it with what appears to be pretty side. But what this darkness is? What this darkness is all about? I came across this thought when I saw the episode of a high school series name ‘One Tree Hill’. The show is about high school and different types of people living their life. This particular episode is about a boy who is treated as nothing in the school. He is neither acknowledged nor been part of any group. He is no one in high school and he gets tired of being treated like this. He quotes, “It always hurts and hurts every single day.” In four year of high school, very few people actually spoke to him. He took many anti-depressant tablets and didn’t come to school for 2 weeks and no one realised. This episode is one of the finest episode and it makes us wonder about our past life in school/college. When I look back or even now, I can associate with the character of the boy. Many of us go through a phase where either we are

Yet Another Step..

Life is ever changing. Each day we think of taking new step ahead or we take back the step we took before. Each moment of life, we analysed, we get happy or we get sad, we relish or we regret. Every moment of our life is a step, whether it's taking up new job, joining a college, getting married or buying a house.. all this is a step taken ahead in your life. At the same time, there are few steps which we wish to take back. Divorce, Leaving a job, staying in a particular city and so on. It is said that life moves on, if one day is bad doesn't mean whole life is bad.. but when you are in dark all you see is darkness. If a person losses his/her job, they wont see this as an opportunity to do something else. If a person gets another job, he will think that it is a new step but that job might worth taking. Step towards happiness are memorable step in our life. All those happy moments.. falling in love, finding a friends, time spent with family.. all these steps brings a new s

2013 here I am !!!

So yet another blog on New Year. Quite late this time but atleast I Made it before the New year ends! This year was like a rollercoaster ride. There were happy and sad moments. As usual this year new adventure started with new job and new life. Never imagined that so much can happen in 1 year. 2012 started on bad note by losing one of my best friend. I still miss her on many occasions. May her soul rest in peace. This year was also year of no job satisfaction. Constant changes and peoples behaviour made it difficult to learn or grow. At the same time, this year was also full of trip. Short trip or long trip, every destination was amazing and full of memories. February month was filled with short trip to Alibag and again short trip to goa. Then in April, we cousins went to Mahabaleshwar. April was month of hometown, Rajasthan. Udaipur, City of Lakes welcomed us. June was for family and 50th Anniversary celebration of my Grand Father and Mother in Satara. After that comes the week

Are they Friends or just acquaintance?

We have habit of calling each and everyone who has entered our life as friends but are they really friends or just acquaintance? Dictionary meaning of friends is - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. A person with whom who share a common interest or person with whom you spend your free time. Whereas acquaintance are people whom you met for short period of time. You associate with them when for a short period of time, in nutshell, a relationship less intimate than friendship. Some of us also call few of our friends as best friends, treating them as if they are your brother or sister. This relation are stronger than relation between brother/sister. They are the one who will stand by us when we are in happiness, sadness or troubled time. One of my teacher told me once that real friend you make will be in schools or college, once you are out of it you will never find real friend. All people after that phase of your life will be acquaintance. People you meet in

Book Review: Kite Runner

Kite Runner... A must run for this book One day while I was surfing through the channels, I came across a movie named Kite Runner which was being broadcasted on HBO. Though initially I just gave it a passing glance, it seemed impressive with the passage of time and so I continued to watch the entire movie. And trust me , the movie was amazing. Right from acting to script and direction, everything was awesome. Later on, while talking with my friend, I discovered that there was a book named Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and the movie was an adaptation of it.   Finally I got an opportunityto read the book and it was more impressive than the movie. The story revolves around an Afghan family living in Kabul. The characters essentially consist of Amir and his father Baba, their Hazara servant Ali and his son Hassan and Baba’s old friend and business partner Rahim Khan. Hazara are the people who are treated as lower communities in Afghanistan. Amir and Hassan were good friends