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Book Review: Deception Point

Deception Point.. The Ultimate Deception! Space, Universe, extraterrestrial life, all such things has always been interesting things in every individual’s life. From step on Moon to new planet in the universe, all this discoveries has affected our life. All this has been possible because of NASA and its space discovery. It’s a well renowned space research agency in United States of America (USA). What if NASA makes an exceptional discovery, what if this discovery will affect the Presidential Election of United States, what if this discovery will put life of 3 scientist in danger, what if this discovery is fake, what if this discovery is planned, what if this discovery is deception.. The answer to such question is in book name Deception Point by Dan Brown . Rachel Sexton works for the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) who reports to president about the activity by the other government agency. She is also the daughter of leading Presidential nominee Senator Sedgewick Sex