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Gone beyond Gone…

My latest book obsession is Maze Runner by J ames Dashner  and the way he has built the character of Newt who is just a teenager with quality of good leader but at the same time being everyone’s friend. This character has just brought a different perspective and made me think of him as my spirit animal that just guide me and help me with my normal daily life. Newt played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster in the Maze Runner movie The character has nothing great or super power. He was second in command boy with a lot of calmness, knowledge and understanding. He managed people nicely and never shown anger or command to get his work done. In the book, the character is infected with a disease called Flare, which eats your brain and make you go crazy. This crazy is not mental crazy. This crazy is when a person doesn’t know what he is doing, he becomes animal who can do anything, also eat human if he is hungry. Flare starts catching up to Newt and slowly he becomes a different person who s

Faces of Darkness

We all have dark side; some might show it, some will hide it with what appears to be pretty side. But what this darkness is? What this darkness is all about? I came across this thought when I saw the episode of a high school series name ‘One Tree Hill’. The show is about high school and different types of people living their life. This particular episode is about a boy who is treated as nothing in the school. He is neither acknowledged nor been part of any group. He is no one in high school and he gets tired of being treated like this. He quotes, “It always hurts and hurts every single day.” In four year of high school, very few people actually spoke to him. He took many anti-depressant tablets and didn’t come to school for 2 weeks and no one realised. This episode is one of the finest episode and it makes us wonder about our past life in school/college. When I look back or even now, I can associate with the character of the boy. Many of us go through a phase where either we are

How many life's do we have???

Life and death has always been intriguing fact. What is life? What we do to make it right? Why we tell ourselves constantly to enjoy our life? What are we meant to do? Are we here to help others or are we here to focus on ourselves? Hinduism says that "Karm kar phal ki icha mat kar" means "Do good but don't expect a return favour". Karma says that "Ur deed in this life will decide your next life". Still the question is who have seen the next life? Or who have seen the result of the previous life? Do we get good return when we do good? People in current life suffer when they are just doing good and there are people who get good stuff even if they are bad. Who and what decides our path? Are we the one making our own path or someone else is keeping a tab on it. Or is it what we have done in the previous life decides what we will do in this life? When we are living a good life, we go thru lot of pain and by doing bad we get good in return. Like a corr