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Take Leave or Leave It

I always believe that in a year you should take atleast 1-2 big holidays and also few weekend trips. It gives you time to breath fresh air and get out of that monotonous life called 'work'. But organisations in India, especially if it's an Indian organisation, they will treat leave as Criminal offense. As if, we are the only one responsible for work and without us organisation - Can't work. I have worked in 4 - 5 organisation and everywhere I have faced the same problem. The senior and people at higher level feel that we are not dedicated towards our work because we take leave for ourselves. I mean, why being so judgmental? Leave, whether it's paid or unpaid, it's the right of every employee and everyone can decide when they want to take it or not. Why supervisor and their bosses think that we are breaking some rule by taking leave. If your boss is taking it, it's ok as he/she worked so hard but you.. Nahhhh! It can't be done! In abroad,

Job Insecurity

I have been constantly hearing about the firing policy of most of the organisation. Many employees have been Asked To Leave (ATL) or fired by the organisation for various reasons. So many people are sitting unemployed and the number is just keeps on increasing. Also, those people who are still in the organisation, don't have any security about their job. Any day, organisation will walk to an employee and will inform him that he is no longer required by the organisation. One day you make good money and the next day, sitting at home unemployed. There is no stability, no security, no understanding, nothing! Employee are no longer treated as an asset to the organisation. They are more of a liability which they will get rid of anytime if it exceeds the limit. How a person can know when he his turn to get fired will come? How a person can judge the time he will spend in a particular organisation? In sales kind of profile, if you aren't bringing sales in first 2-3 months,

Corporate Attyachar!!!

Freshly out of college, we all are happy to join big corporate and explore our expertise in the respective field we choose. But most of the time we are in shock to find out something different in corporate world, more like dream turned into nightmare. First thing which I learned after entering this work is that it is nowhere similar to or even equal to something which I learnt in college and nowhere near to something I thought I will be doing. We start doing stuff from scratch. The most painful of all is to do things you don’t like. You unlearn what your parents though you while growing up, you unlearn your teacher's advice and you unlearn yourself. You learn to listen to more than 1 boss, you learn to lie to save your ass, you learn to lick super bosses’ ass, you learn to play games and most important you learn to forget your ethics in this rat race. This might not be the case with everyone but many people do get caught in this flood. Games and manipulation is big secret of t