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Book Review: Six Degrees Game of Blogs

So I have been part of BlogAdda website and it is a great platform for bloggers to participate in various activities and also to share their blog with other bloggers. They had run a contest where a team of 10 bloggers was created and each team was given the same set of 6 characters with their profession around which they will have to create the story and write a book. Six Degrees Game of Blogs is a collection of 3 stories out of thousands of entries they received.

Before I talk about three stories, let's take a look at 6 main characters around which story is framed: 
Shekhar Dutta - Stay at home dad who does freelance writing in Mumbai and take care of his daughter Roohi. Married to Tara. 
Tara Dutta - Successful media person and too busy to give time to family, especially Shekhar and her daughter, Roohi.
Roohi Dutta - 6 Year old daughter of Shekhar and Tara.
Cyrus Daruwala - First year Law student from Delhi.
Jennifer Joseph - Photographer from South India
Aryan Ahuja - Neighbour of S…