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Book Review: Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020.. Save us from such revolutions!!! After the success of love story of 2 states, Chetan Bhagat thought of taking a serious topic for his upcoming movie, i mean book and what he takes.. Corruption!! Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat is book cum movie talks about love story, Varanasi and not to forget corruption. Looks like Chetan Bhagat is in love with love story. Revolution 2020 is nothing but a Revolution 19-20 (and rest is love story). There is a boy, there is a girl and there is a friend. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy but love him as “a  friend”. So when boy goes away for study purpose girl fall in love with friend. Boy’s name is Gopal, girl’s name Aarti and friend’s name is Raghav. Set in the City of purity and culture, Varanasi, the book talks about love triangle between this 3. Gopal is average in studies whereas Aarti is not much bothered with studies. Raghav on the other hand is intelligent and that’s what triggers Gopal to continuously draw comparison

Book Review: Joker in the pack

Joker in the pack.. Or Pack full of Joker ! Well my brother heard of this book and asked me to get it for him. Since I completed my previous book, I started reading Joker in the Pack by Neeraj Pahlajani and Ritesh Sharma. Both the authors, ya! This book is written by 2 author and both are IIM graduates and speaks of middle class mentality. The story revolves around Shekhar Verma, who after getting very good score in 10th standard go ahead and do engineering from some Delhi university. After completing the engineering he realized that it was not his forte and he can do much better with MBA. So he starts preparing for CAT and manages to get call from most of the IIM’s. Finally he lands up into IIM Bangalore and from here on his journey begins. The 2 years in IIM-B are like being in the rat race. Either you get the best out of best or will be termed as rest. Shekhar Verma who wanted to be king of the world struggles to keep himself on the top float so that after completion o

Book Review: Ohh Shit! Not Again

Ohh Shit! Not Again.. I am reading this book. When you pick the book, you tend to read the zest given on the back page of the book. If that interest you then only you will read the book. But with "Ohh Shit, Not again" By Mandar Kokate, I will never go with the back page zest. The story is not only filmy but also very typical and boring. Writer tries to add fun with witty scene and vulgar jokes but it fails to create any effect on the reader. The story is around Raj and his new 4 friends name Arti, Sam, Andy and Seema. 11 days Ganpati festival is covering the whole story or rather I should say boring events. If you are Bollywood movie fan than you will find nothing new in this book. Other than Raj falling in love with Arti and Andy loves Seema, there is love triangle, extra marital affair, gambling scene, millions of rupee, murder, kisses and to top it off there is suicide too. Connecting all element is not easy but to add such scene is nothing but writers attempt to sp