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Colgate Magical Stories

I find reasons to blog and this was perfect way to craft a blog along with the help of the kids. Colgate Magical Stories simply involves space adventure based on kid's imagination. Since I don't have my own kids, I played this game with my nephew. I handed him the characters from the box and created a bedtime story.  Here is a story created by my nephew, Manav and me: After a long training process, Romit and Romila got ready to board the rocket for their first step out of Earth. Romit was very excited as this was his childhood dream and was the primary driver for his interest to get into the space agency. Both of them were greeted by their team and after the greet they boarded the rocket. The rocket was fired and they set sail to move to the nearest planet from Earth  - Mars.  This was a planned expedition to mars where they wanted to collect samples for analysis back on earth. They wanted to discover if there is any other life form or anything useful they can get ba

Book Review: Dork – The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese (TIAOREV)

So there is American version of ‘Dork Diaries’ which involve Wimpy Kid and there is Indian version of ‘Dork’ created by Sidin Vadukut. The earlier one is for kids and later is for adult. But when it comes to story and humour, I think Indian Dork is far behind the American Dork. I picked up this book from a family friend and thought, ‘After disappointing books by many Indian Author (especially those who are pass out from IIM & IIT’s) let’s give Sidin Vadukut a chance to impress. I was not aware of his status as a blog writer and neither his background. But after 2 pages into the story and I knew he must be IIM or IIT grad. I must say Indian education board needs to add an extra campus course in these colleges about ‘Book Writing’ & ‘Story Development’.  Dork TIAOREV (Too big name to write) is yet another boring story of Robin ‘Einstein’ (dunno why  in the hell he is named Einstein with no story or connection to the name or character) Varghese, an average MBA cum engineer

2013 here I am !!!

So yet another blog on New Year. Quite late this time but atleast I Made it before the New year ends! This year was like a rollercoaster ride. There were happy and sad moments. As usual this year new adventure started with new job and new life. Never imagined that so much can happen in 1 year. 2012 started on bad note by losing one of my best friend. I still miss her on many occasions. May her soul rest in peace. This year was also year of no job satisfaction. Constant changes and peoples behaviour made it difficult to learn or grow. At the same time, this year was also full of trip. Short trip or long trip, every destination was amazing and full of memories. February month was filled with short trip to Alibag and again short trip to goa. Then in April, we cousins went to Mahabaleshwar. April was month of hometown, Rajasthan. Udaipur, City of Lakes welcomed us. June was for family and 50th Anniversary celebration of my Grand Father and Mother in Satara. After that comes the week

Trek to PEB Fort...!

Sunday 19th December, 2010 was the best Sunday in my recent workaholic life. Thanks to my MBA college friends, we got a chance to do something adventurous. Instead of sitting at a coffee shop and chatting for a long time, we thought of going on a Trek. Normally for a lunch/dinner program, only 6-7 people come, but this time surprisingly 9 people agreed to come. The destination we selected for Trek was Peb Fort, located about 4 km away from Neral. So our journey begins from Dadar, where we had to catch 7.03 a.m. train for Neral. Thanks to me and also 2 of my other friends we missed that train by 5 minutes ONLY. Once in a lifetime it happens that the people, who are always late, come on time and you out of the whole world, who is always on time, get late. After missing this train we decided to go to Thane where two friends where going to join. Finally we caught the 7.59 a.m. train from Dadar, which reached Thane around 8.15 a.m. and by that time we were done with our early morning