Book Review: Scorch Trials - Maze Runner Series

Scorch Trial is second book to The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. This book continues the journey of Thomas, Newt and Minho from their success story of making out of the maze named as Glade. The Maze Runner book one leaves you with many question as what will happen to the trio and what this Wicked is all about. Luckily, second book do shed some light on the whole story, but still leaves many information unanswered.

In the end of Maze Runner we see that Thomas, Newt, Minho and Tressa along with few other Glader comes out of Glade only to find themselves in the midst of trail conducted by Wicked and lead to a dormitory where they are fed, clothed and rested. Suddenly everything in the dormitory is changed when they get a briefing from Rat Man aka Janson that Glade was the first trial conducted by Wicked to find the cure to the disease name 'Flare'. Flare is a disease spread on the earth making people go wild than wild animal, Crank and it is contagious. Gladers are key to the research and wicked is conducting trials aka test to find the cure for stopping flare from spreading more. The Scorch Trial is their second test. Glader are left in the middle of nowhere known are Scorch and informed to reach the end of the Scorch known as Safe Haven in two week to find the cure as they all are affected by flare. Before they head to Scorch, Thomas finds out that Tressa and is missing and in her place, they find boy name, Aris. Aris was part of second glade, Group B, full of girls and he along with all other girls made out of Glade before boys and they were also led to the same facility before he was separated from them and added to Group 1 boys. Thomas has his own doubt about Aris as he can talk to him in his mind like he used to do with Tressa making it all confusing as why he can talk to few people only and not all. 

Scorch turns out to be way more challenging then Maze as here there are crazy people, Crank,  willing to attack them, there are people on verge of sanity attacking them and there are unexpectedly crazy weather condition killing them. Before they head out in open, Boys find out that all of them are tattooed with a role to play in the trial. Minho marked as Leader, Newt marked as Glue and Thomas marked as To be killed by group 2. Scorch is a dessert place with everything destroyed and only remains of beautiful world is left. Soon the trio with remaining Glader meet a group of Crank which is led by Jorge with second in command name Brenda. Thomas convince Jorge and Brenda that if they help him cross scorch, they will get the cure to the flare. Jorge ditches his own group of Crank to help Thomas and Gang to reach the safe haven. In the process of running, Thomas and Brenda get separated only to be found out by other group of Crank. Later, Newt, Minho, Jorge and boys rescue Thomas and Brenda to find out that they are now being attacked by Group 2 Girls led by Teresa. Teresa captivated Thomas and betray his trust by torturing him with mixed signals. In the whole process, Thomas starts getting his memory back and he learns that Teresa, Aris and he know other before entering the Glade. Feeling betrayed, confused and exhausted, Thomas with Group 1 and 2 Gladers reach the safe haven. 

Did they find the cure? Was it the trap? Was it all dream or was it all worth it? These are the question which starts coming to your mind and you only find it that they are left unanswered. The story finishes with ending of Scorch and left abrupt for those who thought that cure for flare is ready. The second book challenges more in terms of what is expected from the Glader. I somehow missed Newt in this book as lot of scene featured Thomas alone and obviously Book from his perspective will leave lot of thoughts, feeling and dialogue of Newt and Minho. 

Overall, it was good read and it continues the same adventure which book one, Maze Runner promise. 


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