Colgate Magical Stories

I find reasons to blog and this was perfect way to craft a blog along with the help of the kids. Colgate Magical Stories simply involves space adventure based on kid's imagination. Since I don't have my own kids, I played this game with my nephew. I handed him the characters from the box and created a bedtime story. 

Here is a story created by my nephew, Manav and me:

After a long training process, Romit and Romila got ready to board the rocket for their first step out of Earth. Romit was very excited as this was his childhood dream and was the primary driver for his interest to get into the space agency. Both of them were greeted by their team and after the greet they boarded the rocket.

The rocket was fired and they set sail to move to the nearest planet from Earth  - Mars.  This was a planned expedition to mars where they wanted to collect samples for analysis back on earth. They wanted to discover if there is any other life form or anything useful they can get back to the planet which can help mankind make more progress.

On the way to mars, the saw vast black space in which there were scattered various land masses. They saw the sun, moon, Venus, Saturn and many more planets. The sun was bright and lit up all the place around it. The Saturn ring was beautiful and mesmerizing. After a long journey, finally, they landed on the mars. 
They set foot on the red planet. The experience was breath-taking. They removed the mars rover and started exploring the planet and taking samples to take back to earth for further analysis. They had collected the samples and were moving back to the spaceship and suddenly they heard the sound of another object nearing them.

They were surprised to see another space ship. After landing, the door of the spaceship opened and from it, came out an alien! The alien looked very different and was shocked to see Romit and Romila. The alien surprisingly was able to communicate with them in sign language. 

Romit and Romila were pleasantly surprised to realize that the classes on sign language which they had during their training were finally put to good use. During the sessions, they used to think that these lectures will never be useful to them.

They discussed with each other about their planets and life forms on it. The alien informed them that their planet was likely to be hit by a comet in a few years and to prevent that, they needed to pick up soil from mars as the soil was very rich in a chemical which could help them create a rocket which can deviate the comet from its path.

Well, the story does sound a little different ending as Manav and me, couldn't agree on the right way to end the story. So we decided that the endless adventure of Ramit and Romila will continue in the next blog post.

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