Book Review: Maze Runner Series

There was once a movie name Maze Runner and I loved that movie. Later, after reading more about it, I came to know that it is based on the book. Still, my intention to read the book was not much. I waited for second movie Scorch Trial to release. I saw the movie, but got confused with the story, I did Wikipedia on the book and got all the more confused. Finally, I decided to take the matter in my hand and read the whole Maze Runner series by James Dashner. The series contains 3 main books - Maze Runner, Scorch Trial and Death Cure. There is 4th book which is prequel to Maze Runner - Kill Order. The book is any day much better than movie as it explains the entire concept in detail, emphasizing on character's quality, sharing their emotions and change in attitude as the entire plot develops in 3 books. 

Warning: This review can be spoiler for you if you have not read the book. 

Maze Runner
The story in all three is narrated by the main character - Thomas. He is transported to an area called Glade, where he meets 40-50 kids (male only) and find out that he is stuck in there with no way out. The glade is surrounded by what seems like Maze with walls closing at night and the scary creature name Griever, roaming in the maze during nights. Everyone in the glade doesn't have their memories and they only happen to remember their name. These kids make their living in the area and all are divided into various tasks like farmer, medical, cook, etc. The supplies for making a living is provided in the glade every month with a new kid. All of them have leader name Alby with second in command, Newt. There is another group of people whose task is to find a way out of the maze and bring freedom to the lost boys. They are called Runners. Thomas after entering the glade becomes friend with Newt and Chuck, a small boy who is bullied by many seniors kids. The leader of a Runner, Minho finds something in a maze, Alby and he goes on exploring more when Griever stung Alby and Thomas try to save both Alby and Minho when the walls of the maze were closing and they stuck inside. It was said that nobody can survive the night in the maze, Thomas along with Minho and sick Alby comes out in the morning. Alby is sick to be the leader of Glader's, hence, Newt takes the responsibility and he makes Thomas part of Runner team. Minho and Thomas goes in the maze to explore more and find a way out of the maze. 

Suddenly one day soon after Thomas's arrival, the Glade gets another person and this time it is a girl, Tressa. All the kids are scared as things are changing from what used to be for 2 years, but they are also hopeful that soon this will end and they will reunite with their families. The things are Glade becomes more dangerous when walls are not closing at night. Griever starts coming out and hurting kids. When others are blaming the Creator (people who put these kids in the glade), a kid name Gally, blames Thomas for creating the chaos as he remembers from his faded memory Thomas is part of the Creator. Thomas curious to find answer takes a stung by Griver and let poison bring some clarity to what he is facing (Strung by Griver makes you go through Changling in which you get a glimpse of your past and it can get cured by a medicine which comes in monthly supplies). Thomas finds out the he and Tressa were indeed part of the Creator and he helped them create a maze and put all these kids in it. Guilt takes over Thomas and to prove everyone that he didn't do all that intentionally he give his best to find answers to the end of the maze and a way out. In the desperate effort to get out of the maze, they find a way which is dangerous as they have to find Griver to reach to the exit. Some kids agree to the terms, whereas some like Gally stay behind. In the end, Thomas, Newt, Minho, Tressa and few other Glader make their way out only to find out that they were part of an experiment, Trials as they say, to find a cure to fast spreading disease name Flare, which makes people lose their mind and become a monster (more like a zombie and carnivorous).

The end of the book is just a beginning of the story. When you think all is over book leaves you with more questions and unjustified answers. The author has put a good effort to bring excitement to the plot and make it more mysterious than intended to be. Also, it becomes a little clearer as to what we might find in book two and it makes us eager to know how Thomas, Newt and Minho will overcome the trials. All characters have different personalities which make them best trio - Thomas the curious and smart one, Newt the calm and understanding one, Minho the casual and funny. 

Despite book is written from Thomas's point of view, my personal favourite character is Newt (Like many other readers). He is the one who keeps the sanity in the lost Glader's, brings order to the chaos, gives his best to get answers to the questions, believes in people and just like all, eager to get out of the maze.

Book one Maze Runner will make you pick up the second book and continue your reading (luckily that happened because all books are already out so no waiting for the book to release).

This time I will write one book review per blog as all books are big with a complex story and combining into one will rather make this blog extra long to read.

Wait for my next blog on Maze Runner - Scorch Trial.


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