A Letter to Life - #DearZindagi

Dear Zindagi,

So many thoughts come to my mind when I look at my life, when I look at moments which we have created, the sadness we have gone through, the joy of achievement and also regret of the past. Every year I keep thinking I am still young and every birthday is a reminder that I am growing faster. The moments pass by and we feel as if we are in a trance. 

This letter is not to reflect what could have been, neither it is to talk about the roller coaster ride we had. This letter is to tell you, dear life, that you have been an amazing partner (though we may have few fights), a strict teacher (though I hated your class), a supporting boss (though we had our differences) and a silent listener (though you talked more sense). There are many instances where your twisted way of working has always intrigued me. This letter is to share what I have learned in this 20 something year we shared together (Yes, I will still not agree on the exact number). 

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This life, this partner is given to every human being with some terms and conditions. How and what we do with this partner is up to us. We might throw it away or we might cherish it. You taught to how to cherish it, how to find joy in the darkest day. You taught me to see it as a blessing. A chance to prove you that we can be awesome team, that we can fill each other's weakness, that we can be each other's strength. Life, you have taught me to be a follower of my own thoughts and opinion, yet keep my mind open to new avenues. You taught me to accept the way I am and don't be afraid of the stereotype (even when I had really hard time following it). Every step is a challenge and every move has consequences. There is never right or wrong, there is a consequence. Each step, each decision we took together had some consequences (even when I never liked the one which keeps haunting me). After so much has been and will be happening, the most important lesson you taught me is to be positive. Shadows will keep emerging and will try and haunt me, yet the positivity and belief in us, will keep them at bay.

You taught me so many things and still I keep wondering, why people break up with you and break all ties with you. Why many people leave behind the partner they have been gifted with. What happens to them that they lose trust in their own self and take away most precious thing. Is your support not enough for them or they think that they are better off without life. How one can throw away life, a chance to live and feeling of love? I may not be able to find the answer and I know you will never give it to me directly.

Hence, I am writing to say sorry for ever thinking of giving up on you. I appreciate that you have not given up on me either. I hope that we will stay together for a long time and create many more moments of success, happiness and even some sadness (I can't be unrealistic and think that you will give me easy path). 

Cheers Zindagi, May we live a life full of moments and less of regret!

**I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

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