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Hello Mr. J

Mr. J very popular amongst all generation. You must be wondering who is or what is Mr. J.. It's none other than Jealousy. Why he is having a better job than me, why is she married to rich guy, why they go on holiday and we don't.. There are so many sentences like this running in our mind everyday. These thoughts cross our mind all the time. What we do when Mr. J runs in our mind, we follow him around. Mr. J is so impressive that we fall in his trap everytime. He come, he concurred and he came again. Mr. J comes especially when we want something and we don't get or when we lose or fail, or when we chase and realise we are no longer in the race. Jealousy is normal human tendency. It is just a emotion like happy or sad. Many people take jealousy as stepping stone, more like motivation to do better than someone. If he can buy sedan than I will buy SUV. If he has 2BHK flat than I will buy 3BHK. This kind of motivation is good but people forget in jealousy that you cant sprea

Yet Another Step..

Life is ever changing. Each day we think of taking new step ahead or we take back the step we took before. Each moment of life, we analysed, we get happy or we get sad, we relish or we regret. Every moment of our life is a step, whether it's taking up new job, joining a college, getting married or buying a house.. all this is a step taken ahead in your life. At the same time, there are few steps which we wish to take back. Divorce, Leaving a job, staying in a particular city and so on. It is said that life moves on, if one day is bad doesn't mean whole life is bad.. but when you are in dark all you see is darkness. If a person losses his/her job, they wont see this as an opportunity to do something else. If a person gets another job, he will think that it is a new step but that job might worth taking. Step towards happiness are memorable step in our life. All those happy moments.. falling in love, finding a friends, time spent with family.. all these steps brings a new s