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Confession of Confused Mind!

Red or Blue, cold or warm, laptop or computer, Apple or Sony.. We have so many options that we get confused as what to choose. We ask others, take their opinion, listen to their experience before making a buy. But case doesn't end here. Sometime after buying also we are doubting whether it is right or wrong, it will stay long or will get break. Is this just me or others are also confused? Again same thing, confuse! Why is that so? Why we always debate on our choice, why we get confused when more options are giving. Options were created because we wanted better things now those options are only confusing us. Someone might be brave one to say I am not confused but somewhere in his/her life, he/she was not sure of something. It's natural. There is nothing to be ashamed about it or hide it. We are what we are and when we can't make a choice, we should seek others help. Help is not when you ask others to make decision for you. It also doesn't mean you ask them everytime

Are they Friends or just acquaintance?

We have habit of calling each and everyone who has entered our life as friends but are they really friends or just acquaintance? Dictionary meaning of friends is - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. A person with whom who share a common interest or person with whom you spend your free time. Whereas acquaintance are people whom you met for short period of time. You associate with them when for a short period of time, in nutshell, a relationship less intimate than friendship. Some of us also call few of our friends as best friends, treating them as if they are your brother or sister. This relation are stronger than relation between brother/sister. They are the one who will stand by us when we are in happiness, sadness or troubled time. One of my teacher told me once that real friend you make will be in schools or college, once you are out of it you will never find real friend. All people after that phase of your life will be acquaintance. People you meet in

Stuck in the Moment!

Does it ever happens to you that you feel you are standing still when world around you is moving. Do you feel like staying in that moment forever. Or do you feel like getting out of the world where you are. Many a times it happen that being is a moment is momentary. Sometime it is like best part of your life and many a times you feel that there is no way out. When day goes bad, when you see others getting success, when you see others enjoying when you working your ass off and still not enjoying. No promotion, no salary hike, no new job, bad boss and so on makes you feel that you are stuck in an evolving universe and however you try you are not moving ahead. The world is progressing and you are still or going backwards. It not just feeling of professional life, this feelings can be there for personal life too. When you try to find someone, when you try to impress someone, when you want to be perfect child, list is endless and so does our feelings. But there are moment where we wan

Life in Fast Lane...

Now a days life is not the one with leisure, it is the one with stress. Gone are those days where Sunday was about family, now it is with deadline. Gone are those days where our lunch breaks was to spend time with colleague, now it is sitting in front of a computer to finish the job. Gone are those days where office used to get over by evening, now we sit overnight and it get over by next day morning. Whole day and night is gone in being perfect, doing the best job, pleasing our bosses or just try impress people to get your work done. In this fast lane life, all we care for is about others and we forget who we are, what we want. For some, life in fast lane means being surrounded by people and constantly be out of trouble. We don't realise when day started or when day ended. We don't realise who came in our life and who walked out. We don't realise where are we now and where we will be tomorrow. All we know, all we worked for was to either just earn money or just stay al