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Corporate Attyachar!!!

Freshly out of college, we all are happy to join big corporate and explore our expertise in the respective field we choose. But most of the time we are in shock to find out something different in corporate world, more like dream turned into nightmare. First thing which I learned after entering this work is that it is nowhere similar to or even equal to something which I learnt in college and nowhere near to something I thought I will be doing. We start doing stuff from scratch. The most painful of all is to do things you don’t like. You unlearn what your parents though you while growing up, you unlearn your teacher's advice and you unlearn yourself. You learn to listen to more than 1 boss, you learn to lie to save your ass, you learn to lick super bosses’ ass, you learn to play games and most important you learn to forget your ethics in this rat race. This might not be the case with everyone but many people do get caught in this flood. Games and manipulation is big secret of t