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Book Review: Tuesday with Morrie

Tuesday with Morrie... Truly worth living such Tuesday! How many of us are still in contact with our professors? How many of us are still the same like we used to be in high school? The answer will be no. Tuesday with Morrie is book of such student name Mitch Albom and professor name Morrie Schwartz and their Tuesdays spend in discovering various lessons of life. Lessons on world, Yourself, Regrets, Death, Family, Emotions, Ageing, Money, Love, Marriage, Culture and Forgiveness.   Morrie is diagnosed with disease name ALS which starts from legs and goes up, slowly decaying the body from its normal functioning. But this is doesn’t stop Morrie from being himself. The story is about how to fights and give himself to the disease and to the love ones. ALS doesn’t stop him from being with his friends, students and family members. As for the Mitch, initially he tries to avoid meeting his professor but he couldn’t get away from the love Morrie has for him. One after the other Tuesday p