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How many life's do we have???

Life and death has always been intriguing fact. What is life? What we do to make it right? Why we tell ourselves constantly to enjoy our life? What are we meant to do? Are we here to help others or are we here to focus on ourselves? Hinduism says that "Karm kar phal ki icha mat kar" means "Do good but don't expect a return favour". Karma says that "Ur deed in this life will decide your next life". Still the question is who have seen the next life? Or who have seen the result of the previous life? Do we get good return when we do good? People in current life suffer when they are just doing good and there are people who get good stuff even if they are bad. Who and what decides our path? Are we the one making our own path or someone else is keeping a tab on it. Or is it what we have done in the previous life decides what we will do in this life? When we are living a good life, we go thru lot of pain and by doing bad we get good in return. Like a corr

Worst feeling ever...

Worst feeling anyone can ever have is the feeling of Helplessness!!! Human beings are full of emotions. From happiness to sadness, from anger to frustration, satisfaction, emptiness and regret are some to mention. All this emotions bring lot of reaction and change in us. We think that being sad can be the woat feeling, some will say anger but over the period I realised that there is one emotion which takes over all this emotion is the feeling of being helpless. When we regret or are angry or frustrated, we are thinking of past. Similarly when we are happy or joyful, we start thinking about future. Even in sadness we are sad about our past or future. We stay in present when we are satisfied or pleased. Helplessness is situation where you not just think about past but also focus on future and screw up your present. It a feeling where you feel as if all those years you did nothing and you can't do anything. It's a feelings which make you feel like biggest loser on this plan