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Book Review: Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020.. Save us from such revolutions!!! After the success of love story of 2 states, Chetan Bhagat thought of taking a serious topic for his upcoming movie, i mean book and what he takes.. Corruption!! Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat is book cum movie talks about love story, Varanasi and not to forget corruption. Looks like Chetan Bhagat is in love with love story. Revolution 2020 is nothing but a Revolution 19-20 (and rest is love story). There is a boy, there is a girl and there is a friend. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy but love him as “a  friend”. So when boy goes away for study purpose girl fall in love with friend. Boy’s name is Gopal, girl’s name Aarti and friend’s name is Raghav. Set in the City of purity and culture, Varanasi, the book talks about love triangle between this 3. Gopal is average in studies whereas Aarti is not much bothered with studies. Raghav on the other hand is intelligent and that’s what triggers Gopal to continuously draw comparison

Goodbye 2011 !!!

A year.. 12 months.. 54 weeks.. 365 days.. Still it feels like it was just yesterday. We are counting days for another year, but I am counting what I had this year..!!! Life is really like roller coaster ride. Only difference is that you pay price once the ride is over, and not before it starts. It’s not simple, yet it's not difficult. All we have to do is breath. o_^ 2011 was best year I had. I went on my first international trip. Dubai was the place, with all the glitz and glamour, planned country, shopping fiesta, a place for everyone. Also did another trip in the land of many lands, India. Ladakh.. In one word, it's heaven. It is a completely different place, amazing climate, beautiful people, welcoming attitude and enriching culture. In short, words are less to describe this amazingly beautiful place.  Year cherished with friends and family. Made many new friends and sadly broke few relations because of misunderstanding. Some are in constant touch so some ar