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Swing Ride, Mood v/s Life!

Everything in life is not constant. Some day we are happy, other day we are sad. All this is part of our mood. And its swing, change, move but it never stays constant. Why is that so? Why can’t we control it? We are always trapped in it. Either we move with it or we get upset with it or we make others upset with it. It’s so obvious. It’s written on our face what kind of mood we are having? What makes it change? What makes us change it? However you observe yourself or surrounding, you can never figure out what’s the reason behind Mood Swings. Some of you know what is the reason behind it, but that’s not always the case. When we are ill, we are sad, when we are with our loved ones, we are happy. When we are celebrating, we are excited. When we are confused, we are angry. When we are over loaded, we are frustrated. We are constantly in the trap of Mood. We try and try to change it but there are hardly any cases where we succeeded in it.     Most of the time, Mood is affected by our sur

Book Review: Thousand Splendid Suns

Thousand Splendid Suns.. Splendid Read!!! Once again I read the book of Khaled Hosseini, and again he has done a splendid job. Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini is emotional & touching book. It takes you to the time where Afghanistan as a country struggles to keep their religion intact. The book covers time from Russian invasion to Mujahideen’s battle to the emergency of Taliban. The story revolves around two women, both with different background, come together and support each other in life’s ups & down. The two women are Mariam and Laila. Mariam, girl to bitter mother & disloyal father, is forced to marry Rasheed, shoemaker in Kabul after her mother’s suicide. Rasheed is very brutal and violent in nature who takes out his anger on Mariam every time especially after Marian failed to give him a child. Laila on the other hand is born to modern & educated family. She is brought up in an environment where education to girl child is important. She also has lo

Book Review: The Prophet

The Prophet.. Sign towards the Spiritual Road !!! Going on with my book reading I took the thinnest book I can find in my pending list of “Books to read”, THE PROPHET By Khalil Gibran. And frankly this will be the only book which I liked after “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. The philosophy in this book is like those which you can apply in day to day life. It’s not difficult to understand life but it’s difficult to understand ourselves. I will write different review for this book. The reason for this is, 1: this book doesn’t have any story but more like one person sharing his views on different aspect of life. 2: I want to share the knowledge of this book thru the small note on each part of life by the author. 3: I am bored of writing in my own language. Just kidding! So it starts with the arrival of the Ship. After years of waiting, the time has come to move on & live yet another life. Is there pain to leave the place or is it joy of the ship coming? Whatever