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Please! Be Pleased!

From childhood to adulthood to older age, we are trying hard to please everyone in our life. We please our parents by being good kid. We please our teacher by doing the homework. We please our friends by doing what they tell us to do. We please our partners by taking care of them. We please our children by giving them what they what. We please everyone in our life expect one important person. Me! We try hard not to break anyone's heart. We try hard to be perfect for someone. We try hard not to disappoint people. We try try and we try. But have we ever asked ourself the question that am I pleased? Am I happy? By doing what others want, am I getting the satisfaction? It's very hard to go our own way or stick to what we really want. Most of our energy and mind is occupied by the thoughts about how to satisfy others. All our efforts are used in giving happiness to others. Even though we try hard to focus on ourself, we get trapped into the pleasing net. And only way we can av

Chain of Thoughts !!!

- There will be many wrong turn in life, but that doesn't mean we stop driving. - Black hole does not suck your universe; it just takes you to another universe. - Make it or break it.. Make your identity or break other people's perception - Road to success is unknown but what is known to us is the mode thru which we will reach our destination. - Other people's success should not be our jealous point. Our jealously has to be with our past best performance. - Pain or wound is not the reminder of mistakes; they are indeed the reminder of the lesson learnt. - It ends here but it begins there.. It stops here but it moves there. Because life never stops, nor should you. - Life is like train.. Sometime fast, sometime it’s slow. Many times it’s crowded or totally empty. If you are in wrong one, just get down & catch another train. In the end all we need to do is catch the right train.   - Every laugh doesn't mean you are happy. And every cry doesn't mean you are


I am sure you must be thinking what the hell I am writing. Or do I even know the spellings or what? What I am trying to tell you is new way of looking at the most famous word in Work life. Frustration! Many of us are familiar with the words like stress, pressure, deadline, work load and so on. But all this words in the end sum up to single word & that’s Frustration . Frustration on meeting the deadlines, frustration if computer doesn’t work, Frustration  over people’s attitude and most of the time we are frustrated to do the work only. It’s an emotion human being express when something is not going according to planned or decided. In short its disappointment over something.   Getting frustrated over something is of no use. It’s not going to make your life simple, it’s not going to make your work simple and surely it’s not going to give you satisfaction. So why waste time and energy over something which is insignificant. Why we boil our blood over something so worthless. Instead o

NavRatri.. 9 Day of Fun!

India is country of festival and celebration, and one of those festivals is Navratri. 9 days where people celebrate Durga Maa. In Kolkata there is huge Durga Puja held and in Gujarat, Dandiya n Garba night is organised. But in city of lights, Mumbai, both Puja and Dandiya celebration take place. Nav (Nine) Ratri (Night) is not just 9 nights of devotion but it's about colours of life, joy of dance, meeting friends, forgetting about the trouble and lastly valuing what we have (God's gift, Life) 9 Night of Fun have 9 Lessons of Life. Dance as if no one is watching you Dress up not because people will appreciate you but to tell yourself that you are beautiful People are there to help you even if you are bad dancer in the group. Every success starts with a scratch. So don't be afraid if you are bad or you don't know something. Energy & enthusiasm doesn't come from the external factor. The fire of living life is inside you. All you need to do is light it up! L