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Its all about MONEY, HONEY !!!

The world is all about green note, the plastic money, borrowed money, saved money and so on.. In all it speaks of one and onlyMONEY. Every individual on this earth thinks of it, dreams of it, live for it, die for it, kill for it, and do anything for it. No doubt without Money we can’t live in this world but does that mean we live only for Money? A person working in Mill works for Money. The only source of feeding his kids & wife's stomach is by buying food with Money. A person sitting in air-conditioned office also works for Money. Though we claim that I am working to be successful but indirectly we are working to gain Money. From young to old, we all somewhere in our life has worked worked for Money, worked for something better and worked without heart. . Is it wrong to earn money, it is wrong to be successful; is it wrong to have that extra comfort in life? Answer is No, then why we make so much fuss about Money all the time? Yes we all want Money; because that is the onl

Book Reviews: A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet.. Rather Study in detail! For detective fiction, many people suggested 2 books strongly to me, Sydney Sheldon and Sherlock Holmes. Haven’t got hold of Sydney Sheldon but I did read very first novel where Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson got introduced. A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Since the book was published in 1800’s, the language & style of writing is old English of England. I am not used to reading British novels still it was worth reading this book. I did have many expectations from whatever I heard about Sherlock Holmes. And it did fulfill at certain extent but in many ways with regards to story it didn’t excite me much. Dr. Watson after retirement from the Warfield shares an apartment with Mr. Sherlock Holmes in London. Sherlock Holmes, a young man, mysterious in many ways, is very good in scrutiny. Though Dr. Watson is a little bit skeptical about it but as and when story grows he understands all the reasoning and how a single mark