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A day in Positive Attitude Workshop!!!

So my boss sent me to "Winning Positive Attitude" workshop. So I thought why not attend it and take a full day off from my routine work life. And Indeed it was good decision to go for the workshop. The pictures above shows what I learned in the workshop... I wanted a shoe till the time I saw a man without legs. Be grateful to whatever you have in your life. I dreamt of being successful till the time I realised that success is result of being happy and satisfied. Dreams come true. All you need to do is put your heart and soul in it. I complained, cried till the time I realised that every second wasted in life will not be retrieved. Live, Laugh, Love like there is no tomorrow. Lastly, I stopped believing till the time I realised that karma had it's way of giving back what you deserve. Make a Wish and entire universe will conspire in making it true.

I.. Before or After...

I just went thru all my blogs and suddenly I realised that my first blog was written in July 2010. Now after a year I am going back to all my previous blogs and relishing the moment I had writing them. There were so many things I wanted to write, there were so many books I wanted to read. I have read on an average 2 book a month & I am so happy to write about it. But when I go back & read it, it’s not the review I want from anyone else on the book. There are many things which I don’t notice in the book. What I write is about story & does the book excite me or not. But there are so many other things which I miss in my writing. So to improve my writing I went back reading other people’s review. To be honest, I really need an improvement. You must be wondering why I am writing about my flaws. After a year in blogging people I can’t be expert in that. And I am sure people also don’t expect too much from my blog. Still what I learned & believed is that you need to know

Technology - Way towards the Future!!!

This is my first blog thru iPhone. Previously also I wrote it but that was really difficult as I wrote the same thru opening web page n editing the same was difficult. But This is different.. Here I m writing my thoughts in word document. Then from here I will copy paste text in my blog. U will surely think that it's exceeding the short routine but when thought come to your mind, it just flow like river. And all you need is bucket to fill the water. Once you are done, you go and pour the water in the storage area. My procedure is also like that. When I getting a thought to writing, I will write it here and once I am done with it all I have to do is copy paste it in Simple!!!! I am glad to have excess to such technology which helps me do everything I like. Not just blogging but also chatting n being in touch with my friends. Facebook, mails, chat, movies, music and what not.. No doubt! why people are crazy over iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung etc. All they did is i