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Shhhhh..... It's a Secret !

A Secret.. Human beings are so impatient in knowing the secret.. The moment we know that something is wrong we want to know it, the moment we know that there is something else behind the door we want to know it. It's so natural for us to let our curiosity take control of ourselves. 1 thing I learnt over a period of time is that the more you want to hide, more it comes out in the open. People want to know, more about others life than their own life. Most of the time relation is on the verge of breaking down just because of tiny little secret. We are living life where others are more interested in you than their own life. Is there any way to get rid of such people? It's so human for us to keep secret but it's so inhuman of us to think that it will not come out in the open. There are some things which we want to keep it to ourselves, there are confessions which are ours and only ours. Still at some point it will come in the open and you will be found shock, afraid, ash