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Book Review: Deception Point

Deception Point.. The Ultimate Deception! Space, Universe, extraterrestrial life, all such things has always been interesting things in every individual’s life. From step on Moon to new planet in the universe, all this discoveries has affected our life. All this has been possible because of NASA and its space discovery. It’s a well renowned space research agency in United States of America (USA). What if NASA makes an exceptional discovery, what if this discovery will affect the Presidential Election of United States, what if this discovery will put life of 3 scientist in danger, what if this discovery is fake, what if this discovery is planned, what if this discovery is deception.. The answer to such question is in book name Deception Point by Dan Brown . Rachel Sexton works for the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) who reports to president about the activity by the other government agency. She is also the daughter of leading Presidential nominee Senator Sedgewick Sex

Book Review: The Present

The Present.. Everyone should get such presents! The Present by Spencer Johnson M.D. is light reading book. Those who cant read big books; this book is apt choice for them. This is short & positive book in the simplest language possible. The book speaks of young boy who meets old man who told him about the present. It’s a gift which Young boy will discover with time. The gift will give him success and happiness in life. As and when young boy becomes man, he search for the present but couldn’t find it. When he ask old man about the present, old man answers “Only you have the power to find The Present for yourself”. The young man discovers that the present is being in present time, being in the moment right now. What happened or what will happen next should not affect what you are doing right now. This way boy concentrated on one task at a time and enjoyed doing it. He was motivated and both his work & personal life improved. The concept in this book is true bu

Book Review: Joker in the pack

Joker in the pack.. Or Pack full of Joker ! Well my brother heard of this book and asked me to get it for him. Since I completed my previous book, I started reading Joker in the Pack by Neeraj Pahlajani and Ritesh Sharma. Both the authors, ya! This book is written by 2 author and both are IIM graduates and speaks of middle class mentality. The story revolves around Shekhar Verma, who after getting very good score in 10th standard go ahead and do engineering from some Delhi university. After completing the engineering he realized that it was not his forte and he can do much better with MBA. So he starts preparing for CAT and manages to get call from most of the IIM’s. Finally he lands up into IIM Bangalore and from here on his journey begins. The 2 years in IIM-B are like being in the rat race. Either you get the best out of best or will be termed as rest. Shekhar Verma who wanted to be king of the world struggles to keep himself on the top float so that after completion o

Book Review: Alchemist

Alchemist..  It’s all about Destiny! Most of my book selection goes on people’s view. So when people told me about Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I was like let me give it a try. There is no harm in reading a book when pages of the same don’t exceed 100. The book speaks of a shepherd boy named Santiago, who is happy living a life of adventure and travel. Suddenly he dreamt of treasure near pyramid in the Egypt. Gypsies women told him that it’s your destiny. There is a treasure and it’s calling for you. So after selling all his sheep’s, Santiago head out for his destiny. One his way, he joins the caravan who takes him to Egypt. They take rest in a small village in the desert due to war between the tribes. There he meets love of his life, desert women name Fatima. Fatima teaches Santiago to follow his heart and move towards his destiny. True love will always wait for him to return. He follows his heart and move towards the pyramid with the help of An Alchemist, who lives in the