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Beggar ya Lachar!

Finally after lot of waiting, internet on my phone worked. My mind was flowing with the idea for the blog but unfortunately internet on my phone was testing my patience. Anyways you must have guessed by the title that what this blog will be all about. When my colleague and I were catching the train two beggars came in our compartment. And as usual they started asking for money. Then suddenly female sitting next to us asked them question and interesting aspect came into the whole journey. The boy had some mark on his hand, when inquired how he got it. His friend answered,"Item k liye kiya hai." Item is normally used by street guys and listening from the mouth of such small kid was shocking and also surprising. We kept on asking few question and we came to know that 1 kid ran away from his home and another kid's father was drunkard, who used to beat him daily. This kids were beggar not by chance but by choice. They roam around in Mumbai, travel in trains without ticket, e

Importance to unimportance

Do you ever feel that people give you inferior work? Or do you ever feel that no one values your effort? Do you feel that you are losing your interest because people don’t appreciate your work? We all know, at the back of our mind, that without confidence and trust in ourselves we won’t get the success we deserve but still we fall into this trap. Why does this happen? Why do we lose or give away to our insecure side? All these things are nothing but under confidence, not believing ourselves and more importantly comparing ourselves with others. We all are different and there is no need to pretend, no need to be like someone else and more importantly, there is no need to waste our time and energy in proving our worth to someone else. There is a big difference between things we have and things we want. What we can have is a house built by our father and grandfather but what we want is home. A place where we can relax and enjoy after a tiring day, a place where we can be "ourselves&

Book Review: Kite Runner

Kite Runner... A must run for this book One day while I was surfing through the channels, I came across a movie named Kite Runner which was being broadcasted on HBO. Though initially I just gave it a passing glance, it seemed impressive with the passage of time and so I continued to watch the entire movie. And trust me , the movie was amazing. Right from acting to script and direction, everything was awesome. Later on, while talking with my friend, I discovered that there was a book named Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and the movie was an adaptation of it.   Finally I got an opportunityto read the book and it was more impressive than the movie. The story revolves around an Afghan family living in Kabul. The characters essentially consist of Amir and his father Baba, their Hazara servant Ali and his son Hassan and Baba’s old friend and business partner Rahim Khan. Hazara are the people who are treated as lower communities in Afghanistan. Amir and Hassan were good friends