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Trek to PEB Fort...!

Sunday 19th December, 2010 was the best Sunday in my recent workaholic life. Thanks to my MBA college friends, we got a chance to do something adventurous. Instead of sitting at a coffee shop and chatting for a long time, we thought of going on a Trek. Normally for a lunch/dinner program, only 6-7 people come, but this time surprisingly 9 people agreed to come. The destination we selected for Trek was Peb Fort, located about 4 km away from Neral. So our journey begins from Dadar, where we had to catch 7.03 a.m. train for Neral. Thanks to me and also 2 of my other friends we missed that train by 5 minutes ONLY. Once in a lifetime it happens that the people, who are always late, come on time and you out of the whole world, who is always on time, get late. After missing this train we decided to go to Thane where two friends where going to join. Finally we caught the 7.59 a.m. train from Dadar, which reached Thane around 8.15 a.m. and by that time we were done with our early morning

Show me the Money!

Its crazy how some people crave for money more than love. Money can make you blind, Deaf and speechless. Still it brings happiness, joy and satisfaction in buying those stuff which we dream of. It upon us to give right amount of importance to it else it might lead to more damage than we thought of.


I dont know how but when we were kids we used to have crush on someone or the other. But the seriousness grows as we grow in age. Now a days even meeting or looking at a guy/girl for 1 or 2 time and we describe ourself as lovesick. Sometime moments crush, crush our sleep. Sometime affection, affect our life. Sometime need for partner, part us from the present. Why this happen to us? Why we are so lost in their thoughts? Why we are so curious to know what they are thinking? We keeps on asking question to ourself. We keeps on analysing all our moves. That person is so deep in our mind that we cant keep them out. Normal way of life is distracted by single call or massage from them. Everywhere you tend to think of them. How can we get over this feeling..? By confronting? Or by hiding our emotion and wait for them to realise? There is no perfect answer to such question. Everyone's situation is different. Every individual person is different. Some will be emotional whereas others

Best moment of Life

This is one of my best potrait I ever made in my life. It was for my bhabhi who was pregnant. The reason I like this potrait is not because it turned out nice but because it shows the relation between mother and child so clearly. For every mother theis child is the precious gift god can give. This potrait shows the innocence of child and joy of mother. I dedicate this potrait to all those loving and caring mother. You are the best.

Power or Humanity...?

How much time it takes us to finish the 200 page book? How much time it takes us to finish 20 km? How much time it takes us to build a home from a scratch? How much time it takes to stitch 1 dress? Obviously it’s not a minute, not even hours. It can take days to know and finish it off. Similarly you can’t expect human to complete the work in some minute. If someone is new you can’t just bombarded him with things he/she don’t even know or with things he/she is not even aware of. A new born baby can’t learn to walk in 2 days; it takes month to learn that. A film is not ready in 2-3 days: it takes months to shoot. People take time; time to learn something, time to adjust in new environment. If we don’t respect that then we are nothing but human being with no humanity. Everyone’s learning speed is different. 1 can learn in 3 days whereas someone might take 1 month. We need to understand these small things in life so that we achieve big things in future. We all remember the famous dialog

Book Review: Ohh Shit! Not Again

Ohh Shit! Not Again.. I am reading this book. When you pick the book, you tend to read the zest given on the back page of the book. If that interest you then only you will read the book. But with "Ohh Shit, Not again" By Mandar Kokate, I will never go with the back page zest. The story is not only filmy but also very typical and boring. Writer tries to add fun with witty scene and vulgar jokes but it fails to create any effect on the reader. The story is around Raj and his new 4 friends name Arti, Sam, Andy and Seema. 11 days Ganpati festival is covering the whole story or rather I should say boring events. If you are Bollywood movie fan than you will find nothing new in this book. Other than Raj falling in love with Arti and Andy loves Seema, there is love triangle, extra marital affair, gambling scene, millions of rupee, murder, kisses and to top it off there is suicide too. Connecting all element is not easy but to add such scene is nothing but writers attempt to sp