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I thought of writing 1 more post.. Had so many ideas in my mind today morning.. I can write about this, I can write about that, but suddenly when keyboard is in front of me I cant type a single thing… its like I forgot what to write. I don’t have anything to express, I don’t have anything to say.. Its like my opinions are dead.. I know its not the thing to be worried about and it will pass in some time but the feeling of not being able to write something good or think makes me feel like I am LOST..!!! Lost in someone’s thought would be romantic but its not like that.. Lost in the work load would be workaholic but its not like that.. Lost in search of new place could be exiting but its not like that too… its like I am lost and I don’t know anything about it.. Its like Lost in another world, lost in world where no feelings, no emotions matter.. Place where Bad news doesn’t have any effect. Place where Good news doesn’t take my mind off something. People talk, people move but I am at