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Wait... Worth waiting???

Sitting in my office, waiting for work to be done by the creative team makes me think that people say we don’t have time, that’s not true. We have ample time but most of that is spent on waiting.. WAIT.. Every second of our life is important and every wait reduces those precious second of our life. So is it necessary to wait? What we get in waiting except a feeling of anger, frustration, boredom..? Every time we have to wait for something or the other. We wait for the train to catch, we wait for movie to release, we wait for things to get done, we wait for our friends to call/meet.. Still we fail to realize that lots of time in our life, we waste in waiting only.. There are many things in world to explore and do still we wait for the right time, we wait for friends to accompany us, we wait for parents to give permission, we wait for free time.. We wait we wait and we wait.. and at the end of the day nothing is done. You feel like was the wait worth it? It is not like we don’t lik

Entering the different world

Whenever I do Google search I tend to come across blog each and every time. So I thought lemme give it a shot and make my own blog.. Making a blog is not difficult, difficult part is what to write in it. I accept that I am not a good writer, though I have good imagination and many many opinions but I cant write.. My language doesn't appeals to everyone, its not like third person talking or something.. Still who cares.. If I want to write I will write in my language and in my style.. So here it goes.. MY FIRST BLOG.. (Kindly bear with this..:P) I was in office with less work I had more time to do many other things so it just stuck me why don't I create blog.. It doesn't have to be right time and place to create it.. Making my account was interesting.. I didn't new that you can use your existing gmail id to log in so I was struggling with new one.. Finally I understood that it can be created using old id and password so I created my blog... (Cheers atleast 1st